Harrison Piper



Harrison Piper’s early life began in the South Shore of Massachusetts, which would become the area he calls home. Harrison’s oldest memory is stepping on the ice at just the age of 2 years old. He would continue to have a very successful career in both hockey and lacrosse. Harrison graduated from Duxbury High School in 2016 and made the decision to pursue a post graduate year at The New Hampton School to continue hockey, lacrosse, and academics. After graduating from The New Hampton School Harrison then made a choice to further his academic career at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY. At St. Lawrence University Harrison double majored in both Economics and Business. Harrison enjoyed playing sports, making friends, and being a leader in the investment club. St. Lawrence did not have a focus in real estate, but that did not change Harrison’s desire to work in real estate. Harrison’s close relationship with his grandfather spurred his interest in not only hockey, but real estate. At a young age Harrison was helping his grandfather maintain the mobile home parks that he developed in Massachusetts. Emanating from a long line of developers, Harrison’s love for real estate never seemed to fade away.

After graduating Harrison decided to pursue a career as a broker in the commercial real estate industry. Harrison prides himself on maintaining the highest levels of integrity, devotion, and transparency. Harrison is off to a great start by chasing down leads, following up with clients, and committing himself to the industry.

Harrison Piper

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